Student Leader Application Form

Thank you for your interest in our Student Leadership Team.

We form leader teams during the summer and normally open registrations then BUT…since you’re AHEAD of SCHEDULE by getting to this form so you might as well jump to the front of the line and APPLY NOW.

We are thrilled you are interested in being involved as a leader. We take our Student Ministry team positions very seriously.

Please complete this form and we will be in touch once we form new leader teams this summer.



Student Leader Application

  • General

  • Spiritual

  • Just for fun

  • For Students

  • I attest that the information in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge and that I have completely read the Student Leadership information.

    I am available. I have time to be invested in and invest in others. I am willing to serve, realizing that I will be asked to do all sorts of tasks.

    I have an open heart to grow in my walk with Jesus. I desire to see God use me to impact others.

    I have read everything through with my parents and discussed the important Team Huddle dates.

    I can’t wait to get started!

  • For Parents

  • I have completely read the Student Leader information with my son/daughter. I give permission for them to participate as a Student Leader. I have reviewed the Team Huddle Dates and will make sure they are and available and attend them. I will pray for my son/daughter as they learn to listen to Jesus and lead like Him.