Our Partners


We believe God is working outside the walls of RiverTree Lake, so we link arms with our ministry partners to go and make disciples of Jesus one person, one family, and one neighborhood at a time.

Our ministry partners share a similar vision and mission. These partners are local, regional and global organizations that we are called serve alongside relationally. Our ministry partners will also receive ten percent of our financial resources in 2017.

Jesus and his disciples went out to their wider community, letting their lives speak louder than words. We are made to be a part of God’s mission and are sent to serve and love people in Jesus’ name. We are made to have loving relationships OUT with the world around us.


Lake Helping Lake (Care Team)

Lake Helping Lake is a group that serves the unexpected needs of our neighbors. These caring individuals seek to coordinate efforts that help families in need regain independence through a community-based response.

Lake Township FISH (Faithfully I Serve Him)

Lake Township FISH is a food and assistance organization committed to doing God’s work by helping those in need. Emergency help includes grocery, utility payments, housing payments, holiday help and more.

Hartville Migrant Center

Hartville Migrant Center encourages connection and community among migrant workers and their families. Migrant workers live and work in Hartville April through October. This ministry provides tangible resources, health clinics and social experiences for families.


The Martin Center

The Martin Center brings together like-minded organizations to have an eternal impact on the students and communities in Canton. The Martin Center provides Christ-centered opportunities in athletics, academics and life-applicable programming.

Open M

Open M’s vision is to break the cycle of poverty and improve the health of the Akron community through free clinics and pharmacies, educational classes, and food programs. Open M has a mission to build bridges out of poverty by fostering health, wellness and nutrition for the body, education for the mind, and hope, joy and spiritual growth for the soul.


Kairos is a national and international prison ministry men, women and youth that seeks to show inmates that they are loved.


Eli House Mission

Eli House has a vision and calling to work with and through local churches to provide care and to meet the educational, physical, and spiritual needs of children living in poverty.

Compassion International

Compassion International is a child-advocacy and sponsorship ministry  that seeks to release children from physical, social, economic and spiritual poverty.

Stadia Church Planting

Stadia believes that local churches are God’s chosen instrument to change the world. To Stadia, transforming the lives of children is the single, most effective way to transform the life of the church. Children are not the church of tomorrow — they are the church today.