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WHAT IS RUOK? What is RUOK — AKA Mud Weekend? It is a weekend designed for students, filled with what they love.  RUOK is 36 hours of high voltage, petal to the metal, non-stop fun.. But RUOK is more than fun, it’s also a time to connect. Connect with God, with friends, and with leaders.  This weekend will be a memory you’ll never forget. Not just because of the mud but also because of the friendships you’ll have and the growth in your life.  

WHEN IS RUOK? November 3 -5  Please arrive at RiverTree Jackson at 5:15PM  to check in and load your luggage. MEET AT THE NORTHEAST ENTRANCE IN THE BACK OF THE BUILDING.  Pick-up is tentatively on Sunday at 2PM at RiverTree Jackson in the BACK of the building.  PLEASE eat before we depart on Friday– we will NOT be stopping for dinner.

WHERE IS RUOK? Camp Carl in Ravenna, Ohio. We will get there via buses. 

WHO CAN GO TO RUOK? Any and all 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. You can invite and bring anyone you like. It doesn’t matter if they go to NRG or RiverTree. 


Early Bird registration – $105   (Ends on October 11)

Standard Registration – $125

NOTE: Registration closes October 30, IF SPOTS REMAIN! This trip always fills up FAST! Do NOT wait!

WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH THE MUD? Imagine the mother of all mud pits. I’m talking about a mud pit as big as your back yard with 200 middle school students and leaders playing in it. Getting the picture now?

We play in the mud for part of Saturday afternoon. Good times. The stuff legends are made of. On Saturday afternoon a rowdy mob of middle school students will play in a huge mud pit. It is one of the highlights of the weekend.  Our leaders are pretty easy to pick out. They are the ones with 5 students hanging on their backs playing in the mud.

PREPARE FOR THE MUD. It is very important that students  wears layers of clothing. 2-3 layers works well. After the mud pit they will be required to get cleaned off and changed before they return to their dorms.

This is how the process works:

  1. They peel off their outer layer of clothing and throw it away.
  2. They get the excess mud HOSED off.
  3. They enter a locker room to shower and change. They change into their clean clothes
  4. FOR MUD WE SUGGEST:  Wear clothes you never want to see again AND wear layers. OR you might consider purchasing a Tyvek  Suit. (see below)

WHAT DO WE DO ALL WEEKEND? The weekend will include mixers, games, challenges, pizza,  bonfires – s’mores, a mud football tournament, entertainment, new friends and tons of other fun!  Did we mention they have a gym? Boredom is not an option at RUOK. Plus every night we have Club which jams with our RUOK band, hilarious skits and a cool speaker who helps you think about God in ways you never thought of.

WHAT ABOUT LODGING AND FOOD? Lodging is provided in a variety of facilities from rustic cabins to new cottages. ALL are heated, ALL have indoor bathrooms, and all have beds – you just need to bring a sleeping bag. Meals are served in the Dining Hall and the food is kickin’! 

CAN I BRING FRIENDS? DUH! Invite EVERYONE  you know. Bring ‘em all to RUOK.  We don’t care if they attend RiverTree or not. This trip is open to everyone! So bring as many as you want. We’ll take as many people as we possibly can. The more the merrier. If your friend’s parents need us to tell them more about the trip, just have them give us a ring and we’ll be happy to answer all their questions. Contact John Moores at 330.354.5437.

ABOUT SHOES: Remember to bring at least two pairs of shoes. One to get trashed in the mud and one to wear around.  Students CAN NOT go barefoot in the mud.

BRING A SNACK TO SHARE: This year we are asking everyone to bring atleast one snack to share. We will  put all our snacks together at some point for a junkfood feast. Please be ready to hand in your snack at check-in at departure.

TYVEK SUITS: We’re offering the option of purchasing a white Tyvek suit that goes over your clothing.  It has elastic wrists and ankles and a hood. These are a nice option if you don’t have mud clothes.  You can add these to your purchase during the registration process for $10. Once size fits all.

SPENDING MONEY: Students need money for the following. There is a snack bar, which sells candy, pop etc. RUOK T-Shirts will also be on sale($15). We will NOT be stopping for any travel meals this year.

LUGGAGE AND BEDDING: Try to be practical when you pack.  It’s good to look good, BUT it’s not necessary to bring expensive clothes, especially jewelry or perfume. Remember that sheets are not provided, so bring a sleeping bag and pillow.

Sleeping bag / pillow
Comfy clothes
Warm clothes
Mud Clothes – things you might never want to see again.
2 pairs of shoes (mud and casual)
Snack to share
$10 spending money
Garbage bag

FOOD NEEDS: If you are a vegetarian, have special food needs or food allergies, please let us know at Check-In prior to departure on Friday. 

MEDICATIONS: Please place all your medications in a Ziploc baggie with your name on the bag. All medications must be handed into the camp nurse. These are collected at Check In on Friday.  

ABOUT PHONES & IPODS: Don’t bring them.  Leave ALL electronics at home including Phones.  If Students and Parents need to get in touch, our Leaders  will have access to cell phones.  We have found that electronics are a distraction that prevent students from having an amazing time. And so we will not, under  any circumstances allow them. Our emergency numbers for the weekend are: John Moores – 330.354.5437 and Beth Kinkaid – 330.904.6694.


Read the RUOK Consent Form BEFORE starting Online Registration.

Read the Dismissal Policy BEFORE starting Online Registration.

Read the Camp Carl Consent Form BEFORE starting Online Registration.

Two Payment Options During Online Registration:
1. Credit card/electronic check during online registration for deposit & payments
2. Or Mail deposit & payments after completing online registration

RiverTree Christian Church
Attn: Sandy Moores
7373 Portage Street NW
Massillon, OH 44646

Problems Logging In to the Registration? Contact Aimee Rosia
Registration Form Questions? Contact Sandy Moores
Questions About RUOK? Email [email protected]




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