We believe that God uses students every day to make an impact in their schools, in their families, on their sports teams and with their peer groups.

We have a huge passion for students and feel that middle school students are an extremely important part of the community. We want every student to understand that their life is their mission. We also know that the world students live in is hard, and we want to invest in them and support them. There are a lot of ways we do this, but the most important way we do this is just by having our adult leaders share life with students.

We believe relationships change lives. Our hope is that every student finds friends and leaders to have a connection with, and that these relationships help them figure out Jesus, life and all the hard stuff in between.

NRG / Wednesdays 6:30-8PM

Pronounced “energy”, this is our main weekly meeting for middle school students in grades 5-8. NRG is the type of place where ANY student can come. We encourage you to bring every friend you know. The night includes hang out time, great music, insane competitions, hilarious skits, and relevant talks. Most importantly students get a chance to connect with other students and with leaders.

FUSE / Sundays 9AM

FUSE: v., fused, fus·ing, fus·es.  blend: mix together different elements. To become mixed or united by or as if by melting together: “There was no separation between students and adults: they fused into one”

  • We know that the greatest influencers in student’s lives are their parents and families. Ultimately students are shaped the most by their care givers
  • We also know that what is going to help students become most like Jesus is to see their parents following Jesus
  • We are convinced that students being a part of the church (the body of Christ) long term is directly correlated to them being included in weekend gatherings while they are still in high school.

This is where Fuse comes in. The purpose of Fuse is to begin to transition students into adult gatherings. We prepare students to be a part of adult weekend gatherings. We do this in a variety of ways, all of which are fun for students. Each week is a little different to keep students engaged and challenged.


To view our list of our upcoming trips click here!

CLICK HERE to check out the Middle School Student Ministry calendar.

Questions about Middle School Student Ministry? Email Isaac Smaglinski

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