Why So Serious?


1. Read this entire page. Seriously, read the whole thing! EVEN YOU RETURNING LEADERS!

2. Count the cost and make sure the huddle and training dates work for you and your family.

3. Fill out the application and submit NOW!

4. You will be notified of acceptance to teams within a week.

5. If you have questions feel free to contact Isaac Smaglinski or Leah Pursley. Whatever you are wondering about, they can give you the scoop. Isaac 330.417.3286. Leah 330.413.0200.

What is Student Leadership? Student leadership is simply high school students learning to lead others by serving them. We accomplish this by allowing them to be a part of our leadership teams for NRG and FUSE. This is a great opportunity for any high school student who would like to grow as a leader, enjoys serving and who desires to see Jesus use them to impact others.

Student Leaders are invested in: We invest in high school students by partnering them with some of our adult leaders, training them in leadership and challenging them to grow in their character. We then turn them loose to serve other students. All the while we encourage, give feedback, hold them to an account and push them to grow in their walk with Jesus.

What Exactly Will You Be Doing? Everything. Really, Student Leaders do everything. You will be asked to do everything connected with planning and running our student ministry. Some things are fun, and some are well, less fun. Now don’t get the wrong idea, we do try to give you a variety of tasks to do and we also try to find things you like doing. If you are excited about being in a skit, then by all means let’s figure out how to get you in a skit. But it won’t just be skits, or even tasks for that matter. We want to teach you how to love people and be involved in their lives. Jesus was so great at really caring about people. That is one goal we have for our Student Leaders. So you will be doing tasks and also learning how to care about other students.

Qualifications & Requirements 


1. Be a Follower of Jesus. Being committed to following Jesus is the essential first ingredient in student leadership. We can’t introduce someone to Jesus if we don’t know Him first. Equally important is how we live. Our life has to match our message. We cannot lead others to a place we are not going ourselves. It could be that you have followed Jesus for a while, or maybe you just met Him recently. It does not matter to us how long you have followed Jesus, just so you have started the journey with Him and seek to live in a way that pleases Him.

2. Be Available. There is no shortage of activities for high school students to be involved in. Whatever you like to be involved in is cool with us. Just know that student leadership requires a commitment on your part to be available. It’s not just about showing up for NRG or FUSE. In order for this to be beneficial to you and to students you help lead, it will require more of your attention. It will take time to learn, grow, develop leadership skills, get to know Jesus more and spend time with students. So it could be that the student leadership gig is not for you, that’s ok. Please just consider if you are willing to really give yourself to this. We believe that if you do, you will look back on high school and see that it was an awesome adventure with Jesus.

3. Be Willing To Serve. Leaders are servants. Jesus said he did not come to be served but to serve. Student leaders will be expected to serve in many ways. Sometimes it’ll be up front doing something funny. Other times you’ll go unnoticed by simply helping to clean up a mess. The point is that no matter what you are asked to do, you are willing to do it.

4. Desire to See God Use You. Leaders lead by how they live. The biggest impact a student leader can have leading other students is by leading with actions. And as crazy as this might sound, we really believe that high school students can make a huge impact on other students. We want you to know that we truly believe in high school students. We know that God wants to use them right here and now. The question that all our student leaders are faced with is this “are you willing to let God use you to impact other students?”


1. Church Attendance. Get to church every week. Some of our student leaders will attend RiverTree, some will attend other churches. We don’t care where you go as long as you go. This is important for two reasons. First, it creates spiritual rhythms in your life. And secondly it connects you as a leader to the larger body of Christ, which we all need. If you don’t go to church anywhere right now, then we would encourage you to join us at RiverTree.

2. Team Huddles. Huddles are the primary way in which we invest in student leaders. We gather, share a meal, do some training and huddle for encouragement and accountability. Huddles are the place we learn to be more like Jesus. It’s where we intentionally become disciples, or learners of Jesus.

A FINAL NOTE ABOUT PRIORITIES AND LEVEL OF COMMITMENT:  A high level of commitment is needed in order for Student Leaders to grow personally and also be effective in leading others. We realize that not every high school student can commit to being a Student Leader. But for those that do, we want to define how we prioritize involvement: 1. Team Huddles 2. Relationships with students they are mentoring 3. Program Involvement (NRG, FUSE) By far the highest prioroty for student leaders are huddles. You may miss only 2 huddles for the entire year.  We’re that serious about investing in you and want you to be that serious about this.

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